Benefits Survey

The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires is conducting a survey among Berkshire County nonprofit organizations to learn more about benefits offered. While other surveys in New England have covered compensation and benefits, none have generated a large number of responses specifically from Berkshire County. Please submit your response as soon as possible, no later than October 3.

The survey is designed to be completed online only by going to the following link:

To help you prepare to complete the survey you can request a hard copy by emailing so that you can preview the questions ahead of time and look up information. Please don’t be alarmed by the number of questions! When you complete the survey online, you will automatically skip past any questions that relate to benefits that you indicate are not offered by your organization. We estimate that the survey will take ten minutes to complete once you have gathered the relevant information.

We will email the results of the survey to all respondents at no charge. This information should be very helpful to nonprofit organizations in planning what benefits to offer. All individual responses will be kept confidential. The results will present aggregate information for all respondents. Special thanks to Mary Nash of NASH Insights and Art Peisner, chair of the Volunteers in Medicine board of directors for volunteering to work with me to develop and implement this survey.